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What is an authentic form of expression?

How do fabric and leather bags become an authentic expression?

When someone questioned the idea of an “authentic form of expression” inspired by my tagline, “An authentic expression of African Heritage and Identity,” I took a moment to reflect my response and decided to keep it within the context of Auth’Afrique, where “Auth’Afrique” simply means authentic Africa, my goal remains telling genuine stories about the continent through our exquisite fabric and accessories.

The journey began with a lightbulb moment – the so-called “African fabric” was missing that true African essence, other than just being worn by Africans. Fueled by a deep love for Africa’s rich culture and diverse landscapes, I set out to create a luxury brand that showcases Africa at its absolute best. Auth’Afrique isn’t just about selling fabric and leather bags; it’s about selling the spirit of Africa. Every piece we create is a joyous celebration of the continent, weaving untold stories of valor, courage, and love, all while breaking down stereotypes of corruption, hunger and war that too often overshadow Africa’s vibrant narrative.

Every country in Africa is home to me. As an African, I tell stories through my bags and fabric, offering what I believe to be an authentic expression of Africa’s essence.

Consider the Abena bag, for instance – a tribute not only to my friend Abena but also to all the women in Africa and the world who exhibit courage in starting businesses, battling against odds to sustain them, and caring for their families. It honors women of high potential navigating systems that often overlook their capabilities. The Abena is more than a bag; it’s stylishly simple and classy, with handwoven stitches adding rustic sophistication. Available in terra cota, reflecting our roots, and blue, symbolizing the sky we all aspire to reach, each Abena bag narrates a unique and authentic story.

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