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In homage to the indomitable spirit of Nwanyereuwa, our fabric is a poignant tribute to her unwavering leadership during the Aba Women's War of 1929. Infused with the resilience and courage she embodied, this fabric reflects the strength of Igbo women and all women who, have resisted any form of oppresion. As you adorn yourself with this fabric, may you carry the essence of her powerful legacy—a symbol of women's influence and their pivotal role in shaping history. Auth'Afrique proudly presents this fabric as a timeless ode to Nwanyereuwa's profound impact on the fight against colonial rule.


SKU: A00012
1 Meter
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  • 100% Mulberry silk 22 momme

    Care Instructions:

    Dry clean or wash (preferably handwah) with a mild soap, lukewarm water, rinse well, do not wring and dry in a shade.

  • Goods are shipped from various locations in Africa, thus depending on the destination, shipping may take1 to 5 business days standard shipping with DHL Express.

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